Wireless Keyboard for iPad (Review)

So, finally I’m typing this short review from my first ever wireless keyboard on my iPad.

The wireless keyboard that I use is a cheap, no-name brand, typical wireless keyboard. The design is somewhat similar with Apple’s wireless keyboard. It has faux aluminium look on the top and white plastic buttons. The design is actually quite pleasing. Looking unassuming and good. The keys are average. I feel the keys bounce too much and at times feel unresponsive but I’ve tried much more expensive wireless keyboard and the keys of this cheap keyboard is not that bad (especially when you take into the account of the price). I can type pretty fast and making not too many mistakes though I feel my hands getting tired too fast. The keyboard’s layout is good though. It’s very similar to Mac typical keyboard layout with several special function keys, like home button.

This wireless keyboard use 2 AAA type batteries to power the bluetooth connection to the iPad. I don’t know how long these batteries will last. The pairing process is relatively simple and fast, too. You only need to turn on the wireless keyboard and bluetooth connection on your iPad.

The only problem that I’ve experienced is the ‘delete’ button doesn’t work in iOS7 and Mac OS X Mavericks. It works perfect on my iPad running on iOS 6.1. I don’t why the function break in newest iOS and OS X. It’s not the end of the world though. You can still trigger the on-screen keyboard and then delete the text you want via the on-screen delete button. But it’s kinda beat the whole purpose of having and using the wireless keyboard, right?

Overall, I have this so-so feeling to this new wireless keyboard. Can’t recommend this to others, too, especially if you intend to pair this with iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks. The delete key will not work and this makes me feel like I want to pluck my hair out everytime I make some typing mistakes (you will, by the way). The only reason I will recommend you to buy this keyboard if you want a relatively cheap bluetooth keyboard and you only occassionally intend to use this.



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