Beautiful Apps User Interface and Icons – early 2013

After doing some browsing, I have found a couple of articles about beautiful app user interface design. I can say that today’s apps developments are truly amazing. It is not just about the function but how it looks is also carefully designed and made. Typography and flow of the interface were carefully tailored to suit the target users best. Here are some apps that have caught my attention in no particular order. These apps show various approach in user interface design. Some are heavily implemented the skeuomorphism and others use completely opposing approach, flat and simple design. For me, both approaches are fine, depending on what kind of apps and what kind of image the developer want to project in the apps.

  1. Moodswings

  2. Jauntly

  3. Air Cassette

  4. Jet Lag

  5. My Seeen

  6. Snapguide

  7. Calvetica

  8. Fantastical

  9. Diacarta Planner

10.  The Cocktail App

11.  Headspace

12. The Alaska App

13. Chameleon

14. Pinterest

15.  Google Now

16.  Feedly

17.  Istid

18.  Air Dictate

19.  UN News App

20.  Red Stamp

Beside apps’ user interface, I have seen many developers also put a lot of attention to their apps icon. The icon is the first impression for the app, so the developer took the time to design and to craft amazing icons. Some of them are listed here in no particular order

  1. Tea

2.   Postale

3.   Pollogram

4.  Sync Space

5.   Wedding Planner

6.   Brewski Me

7.   Buy Me A Pie

8.   BurgerQuest

9.  My Travel App

10.   EasyChef

Here are my sources:

User interface



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