Typography Calendar

Calendar is one of the inseparable parts in our daily life but the calendar that people use mostly today is in the digital form, resides in their smartphone/tablet/ computer, not in form of physical calendar. The “smart” digital calendar can cleverly synchronize with other online services so it will always stay updated and you won’t miss any appointment. This “smart” calendar has become a standard application is most smartphone / tablet / computers.

So, what about the “dumb” physical calendar that used to be hung on the wall or put on the desk? Is the purpose of such calendar only limited as decorations? Personally, I don’t use much that “dumb” calendar as I tend to forget my schedules and calendar in smartphone can help me organize those appointment, deadlines, etc. I still hung some calendar or put calendar in my desk but sometimes these calendars even failed to function its decorative purpose as it is made very standard and not attractive.

In this post, I want to share some of the pictures of typography calendar that I get from Google Images. These calendars are not just fully functioned as more standard calendars but also pleasing to the eyes. Maybe the purpose of these calendars are already replaced by “smart” calendars but these things can still served as wall or desk decorations. The typography becomes front and center in the design and the use of other picture is limited. This made these things stand out from standard calendars. Some calendars are also made from certain material with unique textures and colors that compliment the beautiful texts.

You can also see some inspirational typography calendars here. I hope you can get inspiration for your own typography design or you can just sit back and enjoy these beautiful-looking pieces of arts. You can also share some opinion about your favorite typography calendars in the comment section. J


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