The next iPad – my own (random) prediction

Illustration only

As the announcement of iPad 3 is getting near (it is predicted to be announced in late February or March this year), there are so many predictions and speculation of how iPad 3 will be. We’re really sure Apple won’t give any information about their upcoming product as the strong secrecy nature of the company. So, people can just make speculation. In my opinion, people love to exaggerated their own speculation and turns out wrong when it finally being announced.

I felt inclined to make my own speculation about how iPad 3 will become. I feel it is challenging to predict something that is guided so secretly. I do have some reasons for each my prediction. So, if you still feel interested, you can read my opinion (or more precisely, my speculation) about iPad 3.

I guess iPad 3 will bring higher resolution display. The reason is the screen resolution of iPad have stayed the same in the last two years and competitors have released products with (slightly) higher resolution screen. So, I’m very excited if Apple really installed new screen that will have 4 times more pixels that current generation of iPad.

I think Apple will also use a GSM-CDMA chip in 3G version of iPad. The same chip that’s inside iPhone 4S. This will help Apple streamline their supply chain by reducing variation. So, there will be no GSM iPad and CDMA iPad. There will be only one model for 3G equipped iPad. And one more thing. I don’t think Apple will use 4G chip inside iPad. I don’t think chip 4G radio has decent battery yet.

The new iPad will retain same battery life but probably will use bigger capacity battery to compensate other equipment needs. More capacity or not, I’m sure that Apple won’t let the usage time decrease as they said a lot of times that they know customers really care about long usage time.

And I predict that Apple will introduced higher storage capacity for iPad. So there will 128 GB iPad. The reason is the flash storage can hold more capacity with same small dimensions. The sizes of contents for iPad (high-def movies, outrageously iBooks textbook size, games with stunning graphics, etc) has create a need for higher storage capacity.

I don’t think Apple will upgrade the camera in iPad significantly (if any at all). The reasons are iPad is not suitable as your daily point-and-shoot camera and Apple simply don’t want iPad camera is so great that iPhone’s camera become less special.

As for the processor, I think Apple will introduces new SoC for iPad. The Apple A6. This new chip might be a quad core coupled with more impressive GPU from PowerVR. And as usual it will custom designed by Apple.

The size of iPad 3 will be similar with iPad 2, if not thinner. But I doubt it will be significantly thinner. Too thin device is very hard to hold and to be picked up.

So, that’s all my predictions (speculations) about what iPad 3 will be. If it turns out to be accurate, I must be very very lucky. But if it turns out to be plain wrong, than Apple will manage to impress me once again. (if it’s higher than my expectation)


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