Take A Peek Inside Your Gadgets

Have you ever wondered what is it like inside your gadgets? Many people indeed don’t really care about this but if you do curious, guys at www.ifixit.com have done teardowns to various gadgets so we can take a peek what’s inside our gadgets. I have selected several pictures of famous gadgets. Each comes in pairs, one shows the original gadget and the other shows its inside. For more pictures like these and for step-by-step teardowns, please check out www.ifixit.com. They also have several repair guidelines if you’re interested in fixing your own broken devices.

1.Blackberry Playbook

2.Samsung Galaxy Nexus

3.Samsung Galaxy Tab (7.0)

4.Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi only

5.Apple iPhone 4S

6.Apple Macbook Air 2011

7.Motorola Xoom

8.Samsung Galaxy SII

So, what do you guys think of the gadgets inner parts? I feel these pictures shows how advance the technology in today’s tech products. The manufacturers manage to cramp those powerful yet tiny chip and other sensors in anorexic chassis.

Image sources: http://www.ifixit.com


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