Android in your PC? Yes, it’s possible with Android-x86

When you heard about Android, you will immediately think about smartphone and tablet PC. Android is closely associated with those gadgets but do you know some people have worked to port Android to your regular PC? Yes, they have done it.

The reason why Android can’t be immediately installed in a PC because Android is designed to run on ARM architecture and your PC is most likely use a x86 chipset.

But if you really want to try to run Android in your desktop/laptop, you can check it here –> . In this website, you can download the installation file there. They have managed to port the latest Android version 4.0., the Ice Cream Sandwich to x86 machine for any of you who are interested in getting a taste of the latest Google OS. You can also read how to install it and troubleshoot if problems arise.

FIG 1. Surfing the internet

FIG 2. Play video

FIG 3. View photos

FIG 4. Wi-Fi status

For more screen-shots, check out this link:

Personally I have tried to install the Froyo (Android 2.2) version for ASUS Laptop (link here), Honeycomb (Android 3.2) for ASUS Laptop (link here) and the ICS (Android 4.0) also for ASUS Laptop (link here). I don’t have a ASUS laptop but these run just fine. As long as you have laptop with standard specification (mine is still Core 2 Duo chipset), these Android will run pretty smooth, save for occasional lags and malfunction apps. By the way, I always use the VirtualBox as I don’t want any risk for bricking my laptop (download here for Windows and here for OS X users). With VirtualBox, you can safely install or delete the Android without bricking your laptop. The user interface itself is pretty simple. You can find step by step instructions here.

FIG 5 and 6. The VirtualBox screen-shots for Windows 7 and OS X respectively



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