Modernizing education – a personal opinion

I always wonder what’s the core meaning of today’s educational system? I thnk it’s still put too much stress in memorizing facts, not n truly understanding the concept and how it relates to things around us.

The education is not just about quantity. Quality is more crucial part, I think. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve ever learnt if you don’t find the essence of it and how it help us in our life. I think the education system has also missed in making the education is more and more fun, less monotous and less memorizing. In the era of internet, information is everywhere. Students need to understand how to find the correct information from the vast amount of sources in the internet. I have seen a lot of times that teacher only told his/her students to find the information they need in the internet without guiding them to filter out the useful information from the incorrect ones.

Education should be made to be fun, enganging and meaningful. Education will happen in entire life of a hman being. People who stop learning will be left behind by this fast moving and mean world. Children should always be made to feel excited when they have to learnt. Teachers and educators should designed a stream lined, structured, creative, and balanced curricullum. Students must be made to feel challenged, connected and sense of need to the lessons he/she will get from schools.

I’ve seen some schools have tried to incorporate new technology such as iPad to be used in class. Even though an iPad can open a lot of new engaging and experience in learning process, we should not forget that iPad (or other similar technology) is only a tool. Educators should design the curricullum carefully to make sure that the use of this technology is going to enhance learning experience, not just a gimmick.

So, in my own opinion, i can suggest some ideas:

1. The curriculum should be more stream lined. Evaluate all topics. Re-consider the importance of each of those. Ask yourself, do researxh, open discussion with other experienced educators (and students also) to evaluate the importance of each topic. As I mention above, the education is not just about quantity, but also quality. Students need to have certain sets of knowledge and skills but we must make sure that the curriculum is bloated, unfocus and unconnected to the students themselves. Eliminate the topics that are not esssential or students can have options to learn specific things only, based on their own hobby or likeness.

2. The curriculum should be unique for each school or educational place. There should be a certain standard guidelines but the details of the curriculum shouls be modified and tailored specially to fit the students’ need and interest.

3. The content of each course should be enganging and creatively made. The learning process should be fun and meaningful. There are a lot of sources in the internet that can be used by teachers to create a unique way to make their students attracted to the course. If the students are attracted to the content of the course, they will learn it happily wihout the need of being pushed by other people.

So, this is a short article about modernizing education in schools. Of course, this article is purely my personal opinion. One thing for sure, education can’t be a static process and should not retain its image as a bpring thing. The teacher must be a passionate educators and must be given enough training to understand the importance of modernizing the learning process in their own classses. I’m not a educator and just a person who are interested in observing the education process around me. Comments are welcomed.


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